Consignment Hardware

Response Supply’s Consignment Box

Stackable Hardware Lockers

Color Coded Material Types

Only Pay for What You Use

OEM inventory in standard and exotic materials

Response Supply stocks a full line of tower / tray replacement hardware from any original OEM in a variety of standard and exotic metallurgies. Typical stock items include hex nuts, hex head cap screws, flat and domed washers, manway hardware, tray clamps, seal plates, valves and other miscellaneous items. Most items are available on a consignment bases.

Consignment tower hardware has proven to be an effective method to minimize downtime during scheduled tower maintenance.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Provide us internal detail drawings of your equipment / tower
  2. Response Supply will review the supplied drawings and make recommendations on what hardware items could possibly be needed for maintenance repairs
  3. Once recommendations are approved, Response Supply will deliver consignment hardware lockers to your site
  4. Hardware lockers are stackable to minimize storage space
  5. Depending on the hardware item and material type, items will be packaged in quantities of 10, 25 or 50
  6. Material types are color coded for ease of use
  7. If required, additional hardware and / or additional items can be added
  8. Once your job is complete, Response Supply will inventory all remaining hardware and provide the customer a detailed report of all hardware usage
  9. Customers pay only for missing and or damaged hardware